Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Urges Environment Reporter to Become a Suicide Bomber...or Something

The whackaloonery here speaks for itself. Limbaugh tells us that environmentalists "are like the Jihad guys," and then goes on to urge a New York Times environmental reporter named Andrew Revkin to blow himself up in order to benefit the climate. What? Which is it, Rush? If environmentalists are already "like the Jihad guys," why would you have to encourage them to be like the Jihad guys? Makes no sense.

If anyone's "like the Jihad guys," it's right-wingers like you. A suicide bomber is someone who destroys themselves in an effort to kill as many of their fellow human beings as they can, in the name of their angry desert god. Right-wing climate deniers are doing pretty much the same thing, but on a planetary scale. Instead of using a strap-on explosive vest to kill a relative handful of people in a public space, climate deniers "strap on" a more slow-burning weapon--carbon emissions that are melting the ice caps as we speak.

This isn't some hypothesis of what might happen a hundred years from now. It's happening now, and faster than the direst climate models predicted. Nations with access to the Arctic Circle are already jockeying for claims to the newly-accessible continental shelf regions, thanks to the melting of North Polar ice.

Right wingers who want to do nothing to halt climate change, reduce our dependency on tyrannical Islamic regimes for energy, or prepare for Peak Oil are, in effect, destroying themselves and taking the rest of us down with them. And a rather large segment of the conservative movement--the Rapture Ready crowd--sees any horrible global disaster as good news, proof that Jesus is coming soon to beam them up so he can systematically destroy the world like a comic book supervillain. Any sensible policy initiatives--like efforts to switch to sustainable energy sources, or work for peace, or prosperity for more than a handful of billionaires, are viewed with deep suspicion as harbingers of the Antichrist's diabolical plan for Satanic world domination.

So, just like a "Jihad guy" climbing on a bus with the intent of destroying everyone aboard, right wingers like Limbaugh think wrecking the climate-control systems of Spaceship Earth in perceived obedience to their version of a wrathful desert god is a good idea.

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