Thursday, November 19, 2009

Off To SkeptiCon 2!

I'm off to SkeptiCon II! There'll be an awesome line-up of speakers, so I'm totally looking forward to it. Unfortunately I don't have the technology to live-blog it, but I'll take pictures and notes and pass on my thoughts on the presentations when I return.


  1. Kevin! Hope all is well on your end, and you didn't get put in the hospital with broken limbs after PZ got a little too excited and you happened to be in the front row :) How was skepticon? Any better than the first? I'm anxious to see your notes (and... possibly a harvest 6? *cough*...) soon! UPDATE! Like I said, hope all is well.

  2. Yes, all is well. Thanks! Ironically, I did get smitten with boils(!), and noticed the first symptoms right about the time I met PZ. No joke. I guess God needs to work on his aim. ;) Anyway, I'm better now, but my real problem is that there's just waaaay too many Bright Shiny Objects on the Internet.

    Now to get to work on the next installments of Chayatocha and Harvest of Souls...

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  4. Well, what a bummer to break out with boils! I did enjoy your skepticon posts of the other day, including the pictures. Was meeting PZ a highlight of the trip?
    Oh I understand. I've totally been entertained with the captivating wonders of the internet myself... although I am extremely excited at the possibility of an update of Harvest of Souls...considering we've been left hanging with Sophia's creepy schizophrenic episodes at the beginning of the chapters!